Seun Ajayi

Seun Ajayi
Seun AjayiActing/Character Interpretation Guru

Seun Ajayi is one of Nollywood’s best performers and stand out actors with several years experience in the industry. He is a prolific voice over actor. Over the years, Seun has featured in several films and television series like Hustle, Crimson, For King, Blackout, Erased, Gidi Up, God Calling, and Ojukokoro (Greed), and a whole more.

By practicing the disciplines of being an actor, master of ceremonies and voiceover talent; Seun Ajayi has in the past 12 years, been in the business of communication via the platforms of film, television, theatre, radio and live events. Blessed with a silk baritone voice, Seun's personality and charm shines across seamlessly to his audiences.

Seun’s primary objective for every brief is to turn the client’s message into the audience’s memories.

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