Dupe Ige Kachi

Dupe Ige Kachi
Dupe Ige KachiVoice Coach/Health Expert

Dupe Ige Kachi, who is popularly called IGE (pronounced ee-gay), is an all-round performer. She has been singing since she was seven years old. Born into a family of singers, church musicians and lovers of the arts; she has always appreciated all forms of music and dance, from classical to jazz and R&B. She honed her art in the several singing groups and choirs of the various Anglican churches that she attended as the child of a clergyman.

Ige’s singing style could be described as soulful Rhythm and Blues with an eclectic blend of classical, jazz and contemporary gospel flavour. Her uniquely distinctive velvety voice serenades your soul, granting you an inevitable savoury experience. Ige is adjudged the most prolific soprano voice to come out of Nigeria considering her unique ability to weave through both classical and contemporary genres of music in a dynamic manner. Little wonder her admirers call her “Golden Voice”.

She has graced a number of concert stages like the Calabar Carnival 2005-2007, TOTAL 50th anniversary celebrations, “The Experience”, P.D.P Presidential rally dinner 2007, Celtel Brand Unveil, “The Platform”, Nigeria Stock Exchange Awards, The African-American concert and several MUSON classical concerts, just to mention a few. She has written and performed several MTN jingles and songs and is a proud holder of MUSON certificates in voice, piano and theory of music, and is the vocal coach of the MTN PROJECT FAME WEST AFRICA. She has also trained a number of individuals and choirs like the Contestants of Idols West Africa, Rhema Chapel choir, Covenant Christian centre choir, Grange school, and so on. She is presently the Head of Music of SPAN (the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria).

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